Mustache Puppies!

It’s been so stinking hot this summer!  Lucky was looking pretty miserable the other week and my wallet was looking kind of empty so they got haircuts from home.  Meh, a lot better than the first time Lucky got a haircut. He looks a little grumpy faced here but trust me he’s happy about having less hair in this weather.

mustache puppies


Happy Birthday Lucky!

Lucky’s getting to be an old man but he doesn’t seem to care!  In fact, I think if getting a year older means there are mini burgers and mini cakes and mini bon bons, I’m pretty sure he’s all for it!  Birthday TREATS?!  YES, PLEASE!

We had poodley mix birthday party which included of his favorite poodley mix friends and humans!  Everybody had a great time!

Little hats!

lucky dog with a party hat


Little Dogs!


daisy dog with a party hat

Little burgers!

birthday burger for dogs

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