Camp Daisy!

Everybody’s heard about Camp Snoopy, how about Camp Daisy?!  Took Daisy camping to Sequoia National Park the other weekend.  Tents and hiking and camping and fishing oh my!  It was a weekend of *ruffing* it!  (Hey-o!)  But we all had a great time!

Daisy on the car ride to Sequoia.  No pictures from the ride back but trust me she was very tired after a weekend of fun!  Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

car ride nappy poo

Some of daddy’s photos below …

Daisy the mountain dog of the wild!

mountaineering dog

Group picture!

hiking dog

As a side note–not easy to visit all of Sequoia with a dog.  She’s not allowed in a lot of places or on the shuttle.  🙁

No love for Lucky on this trip.  Lucky had to stay with Nana because he gets car sick and a long car ride with the smell of baking dog vomit is no bueno.  But I think Lucky had a great time with Nana.  I swear he was a fatter when I saw him after our trip.  Lots of treats from Nana!  AND she fixed some of his chewed up toys!  AND she gave him a sock filled with treats for him to chew up!  He loves him so socks!  And he loves him some Nana!


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