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Great Life dry dog food - salmon

Both dogs have been on Wellness CORE Ocean dry dog food for a while now and I have been very hesitant to switch them.  (We originally put them both on it because our vet suggested Daisy might have food allergies.  I think it may be more flea allergies though and her oral flea medication has helped her significantly better than her previous topical flea treatments.)

Anyway, I was a very BAD MAMA and forgot to re-order the Wellness CORE Ocean food online so was in a pinch. Since I had gotten a free sample of Great Life Salmon (grain and potato free) I let them nosh on that for a bit.  They liked it and Daisy didn’t seem any more itchy.

Wellness CORE is  super expensive at the pet store and I couldn’t wait for shipping so I stopped in at Price Club 4 Pets when I was in Simi Valley the other day.  Price Club 4 Pets in an outlet for Great Life dog food and Pioneer Naturals dog food.  I picked up some of the Pioneers Naturals dog food in white fish.  The ingredient list looks good and the price was super reasonable at the outlet.  I paid about $37 or $38 including tax for a 30 lb bag.  (I think Pioneer Naturals might actually be more expensive than the Wellness CORE though if I bought it online instead of at the outlet.)  So we will see how it goes but no complaints so far.

Forgot to take a picture of the Pioneer Natural dog food but you can google image search it if you are really curious.


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