Fluffy Flashback Friday!

Flashback to February 2012 … when I was bathing and blow drying Lucky into a fluffy dandelion weekly … Hehe, at some point we’ll do a Flashback to March 2012 when I gave him a lion cut …

fluffy bichion - feb 2012

Side note: The staining around his eyes and mouth is MUCH BETTER now.  Our vet prescribed a pinch of tylan powder a day and it really helped clear this up.  Much more effective than Angel Eyes and much cheaper although I think it’s basically the same thing.  Highly recommend talking to your vet about it if tear staining is a problem for you.  I see they sell tylan powder online but I think it would be better to consult with your vet and see what they say.

puffy dog - dandelionSide side note: Love these puffy dog bichon pictures that got really popular (pup-ular?) at one point!
link to puff dog dandelions with other links on this page

keanu_kittenSide side side note: Lucky needs a Sad Keanu to ride on his back.
link to sad keanu on a kitten
original O.G. gangster I’m not sure if this link is the original spot for this picture #thuglife #holdontightsadkeau #weeeeee – I don’t think i’m using hashtags right #nottaughtinmyhighschoolenglishclass #imustbeold


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