Gimmie my Chew Bacca!

Everybody got something stinky from the The Urban Pet on Sunday!  Stella got her catnip toy and each of our pups got a bully stick!  Yeah!

Here is Lucky using the Force to take the bully stick from me … “Gimmie my Chew Bacca!”

gimmie my chew baca!

And because there’s no such thing as too many puns … Here is Daisy looking at her treat thinking, “I’m gonna eat chew!”  You go Daisy!  “May the Force be with chew!”  Bahahahahahahaha!

i'm gonna eat chew

Mini Review: Small sized bully sticks were $2.49 each from our local pet store, The Urban Pet.  Slightly stinky but not terribly.  Dogs like them but didn’t seem to love them like some other chewies they’ve tried.  Also, Daisy didn’t throw any up which she sometimes does with regular rawhide because she’s not a slow chewer/ licker like Lucky.  For the price, not terribly expensive compared to some of the other chewies–the bigger ones were more expensive.  But I think the Purina Busy Bone Chewnolas and Rollhides are a better value, especially if you can pick them up on sale and with coupons.


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