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Great Life dry dog food - salmon

Both dogs have been on Wellness CORE Ocean dry dog food for a while now and I have been very hesitant to switch them.  (We originally put them both on it because our vet suggested Daisy might have food allergies.  I think it may be more flea allergies though and her oral flea medication has helped her significantly better than her previous topical flea treatments.)

Anyway, I was a very BAD MAMA and forgot to re-order the Wellness CORE Ocean food online so was in a pinch. Since I had gotten a free sample of Great Life Salmon (grain and potato free) I let them nosh on that for a bit.  They liked it and Daisy didn’t seem any more itchy.

Wellness CORE is  super expensive at the pet store and I couldn’t wait for shipping so I stopped in at Price Club 4 Pets when I was in Simi Valley the other day.  Price Club 4 Pets in an outlet for Great Life dog food and Pioneer Naturals dog food.  I picked up some of the Pioneers Naturals dog food in white fish.  The ingredient list looks good and the price was super reasonable at the outlet.  I paid about $37 or $38 including tax for a 30 lb bag.  (I think Pioneer Naturals might actually be more expensive than the Wellness CORE though if I bought it online instead of at the outlet.)  So we will see how it goes but no complaints so far.

Forgot to take a picture of the Pioneer Natural dog food but you can google image search it if you are really curious.



Lucky, you know you can’t trust Daisy to not steal toys from you.  Yoink!


Daisy is as they say, a TOY HOARDER!  She wants ALL the toys.

If I give it a toy to Lucky, Daisy wants that toy.  If she sees Stella playing with a cat toy, Daisy want that toy–she doesn’t care that it’s supposed to be a cat toy.  It doesn’t matter if Daisy already has a toy she’s playing with, if she sees anybody else playing with something she wants that toy.  She’s not mean about it and doesn’t fight anybody for anything, she just yoinks it away.  Yoink!  Something we are working on because pretty sure she’d be happy to yoink a toy away from a baby or a child.

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