My Little Lion!

No posts for about a week as we were off on vacation!  But we’re back!  Yea!

Stella’s stylin’ today!  Here she is looking fancy after I gave her semi-regular lioncut!  ROAR!  (Those eyes are saying, “I don’t trust you any more Mama!  I don’t need no stinkin’ fancy pants haircut!”)

Suspicious Stella Got a Haircut

There was enough fur leftover from her haircut to built ourselves a Stella Jr.!  Of course Daisy, ever the cat butt lover, decided to go and give Stella Jr.’s butt a nice little *sniff*sniff*!!

Daisy sniff's cat furrball's butt


It’s Caturday! Let’s go to Yogurtland!

It’s Caturday!  Here’s a flashback to when I bought A LOT of freeze dried yogurt at Costco.  Stella was nice enough to pose for size comparison purposes.  Yep, that’s a lot of freeze dried yogurt!

costco freeze dried yogurt

The Costco freeze dried yogurt was well packaged.  It got Stella’s seal of approval.

cat in yogurtland

cat in yogurtland

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