Throwback Thursday – Morning Kisses!

Stella used to sleep on my side of the bed.  Not so much after this incident a few months ago when Daisy decided it was time to wake me up and found Stella by my face.

Morning kisses for Stella!

Stella does not appreciate Daisy’s kisses.  I don’t blame Stella.  I’ve seen some of the things Daisy puts in her mouth.

Morning kisses! Morning kisses! Morning kisses!Morning kisses!


New Dog Tags!

I’ve been a bad mama.  After we adopted Daisy, I never bought her a personalized dog tag–just stuck Lucky’s old faded tag onto her collar.  Since both of their tags were looking pretty scratched up, thought it was time to get them both new tags.  Yea!

new dog tags for $2.98 each (vs approx $10 at Petsmart or Petco)

In retrospect maybe I should have gotten their new tags in purple and orange since that’s the color of their collars.  Oh well, purple and blue, orange and pink, it doesn’t matter since they say dogs are color blind.


Honk! Honk! Bully Horn!!

bully horn with peanut butterGot Lucky and Daisy bully horns from The Urban Pet, a local pet store, and as an extra treat (TREAT!) stuffed them with some peanut butter.  They loved the peanut butter and liked the horns.  Negative: The dogs didn’t gnaw on the horns with the same enthusiasm as they would gnaw at a good antler.  Positive: The horns aren’t stinky like some dog treats.  They were $6.99 each from the local pet store

Why are the best cat toys things that are free?  Here is Stella about to pounce on the bully horn tag.

cheap toy for stella


Dog Olympics!

There’s are some fun things set up at Daisy’s classes.  We got to class early today and got to snap a few pictures this morning.

Daisy: “The jumpers?  No problem!  But just going to pose and stare at it until mama shows me some treats!  Treats!”

jump? - maybe ...

Daisy: “The tunnel?  I’m a brave puppy and am not afraid of the tunnel any more!  But where are my TREATS?!”

tunnel dog tunnel dog

Thank goodness they have treats when class started.  I forgot to bring her treats this morning.  Daisy is a smart cookie and notices if I don’t really have any treats and am trying to bribe her with leaves I pick up off the ground.

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