Stella is Lucky’s Cat and Lucky is Stella’s Dog

Stella has known Lucky pretty much her whole life.  She *loves* Lucky!  They used to play-play-play together and cuddle all the time.  Most of the time Stella thinks she’s too adult to play or cuddle with the dogs but Stella is still Lucky’s cat and Lucky is still Stella’s dog.  Here is one of those precious moments between the two of them from back in November.  Such a cute moment!  Of course, then Daisy the interloper came by …

Lucky and his catYou smell like *my* dog!sunbathing ladiesthree's a crowd


Daisy’s 1st Day of School

Daisy enjoyed her first day of school at The Urban Pet, a local pet store that also has dog training classes.  She know a lot of tricks already but one of her new year’s resolutions (okay, MY new year’s resolutions) is to get her better trained on the basics.  She enjoyed the class but by the time we were done she was *doggone* tired!  Here are some pictures of her on the ride home.

It's hard work learning to be good!

Weeee!  Daisy *loves* riding in the car!Things we learned today: sit, come sit, lie down, NO STREET!, come to mama.  (She is already pretty good with the first three but selective about the latter two so this is part of why she is going to school.)

More things we learned today: Daisy has some separation anxiety, Daisy is pretty good at some of the agility tests, the hand sign for “no street” looks exactly like our hand sign for “poke poke,” and we may need to change the hand sign for “poke poke.”

Lucky might also benefit from these classes but I haven’t decided if I will enroll him after Daisy is done with her classes.  Lucky is already pretty darn good and I plan on teaching him some of the new things Daisy is learning so he doesn’t necessarily need it.  Plus, and perhaps more importantly, Lucky gets car sick which can be pretty disgusting.  Bleaaah!


Cat Fishing!

Picked Stella up a sparkly fish toy from one of our local pet stores.  Here she is playing with it … before Jaws (aka Daisy) found it and chewed it to pieces.  Nom nom nom nom!

Stella and her Fishy
Fishy!Stella sees you Fishy!

Mini Review: Fishy is made by Zanies.  $0.99 from one of our local pet stores.  Very cute.  Stella enjoyed it but not as much as some other catnip toys she has received.  As all of our cat toys, this one is not Daisy proof.

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