I went a little nuts at Target with my coupons and picked up a bunch of dog treats for Lucky and Daisy this week.

  • 9 x Pedigree Stackerz came out to $0.94 each.  (If I was willing to go through the checkout line twice and separate my coupons and transaction I think I could have purchased them at $0.75 each for each group of 6.)
  • 10 x Purina Busy Chewnola and 1 x Purina Busy Rollhide came out to $1.60 each.  (If all 11 were the Rollhides it would have worked out to $1.38 each but Lucky loves Chewnolas so I try to load up on Chewnolas when I can find a good deal.)

Will start putting up some posts for reviews of pet goods and posts for great shopping deals soon!

*Prices above are before Target Red Card Discount (yea!) and before Taxes (boo!).


Bath Time!

Stinky and Stinkier got their baths tonight!

Lucky hates getting a bath but he is a super good boy and accepts his bath like a trooper.  Now he is super fluffy!  Haha, the hair is in his eyes making him look a little bit like a grumpy old man.  Time for a haircut soon!

Daisy has her “look how good I can sit, now where is my treat” face.  She doesn’t really like getting a bath.  But she does like the treats that I hide in the towel while she gets her hair dried.  Treats!


Sweater Weather!

2015 is starting off a bit nippy!  The pups have been wearing their sweaters at night and sometimes even in the day–like today!  Some quick pics of Daisy and then off to be productive!  Let’s make 2015 grrrrrrrrr-eat!  Did somebody say eat?!  (Daisy and Lucky know all of the food words.  Eat! Hungry!  Treat!  Nom nom nom!)

Don’t let this cute face fool you!  Daisy plans on getting into lots of trouble in 2015!


Tug of War

Tug of War

Lucky and Daisy LOVE playing.

Here’s the two of them this weekend playing tug of war with their monkey.

Grrrrrr!  Get it Lucky, get it!  (Lucky usually gives up and Daisy usually wins so we like to give Lucky our encouragement.  Sometimes he looks sad that Daisy will run off with his toys.)

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