Tastes Like Pooh!

Picked her up this Barn Yarn knit catnip Winnie the Pooh cat toy today at The Urban Pet and Stella *LOVES* it!

Stella *LOVES* Pooh!  Hahaha!

Picture below makes me laugh!  “Gross!  It taste like Pooh!”

tastes like pooh

Seriously though once Stella saw what I had, I couldn’t even take a picture of her Winnie the Pooh cat toy without her jumping in to grab it!  The black blur on the side is Stella going in for the kill!

winnie the pooh cat toy
Mini Review: These Barn Yarn knit catnip toys are Stella’s favorite type of catnip toys by far!  Only down side is that I’ve noticed that sometime the catnip will slip through the knitted fabric.  Not such a big deal but annoying when she takes it onto my white chair–which off course is more off-white with a patina due to all of her cat fur.  Also, again, these are not Daisy proof.  In fact, the catnip smell seems to attract Daisy so better make sure to put this away after Stella has had her catnip high.  They were $2.99 each at our local pet store.


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