Throwback Thursday! -Three Lazy Bones!

This is one of the first pictures that I took with all 3 of my poodley mix babies.  Yes, Stella is part of the poodley mix–more the mix part of course!  😉

lazy dogs and cat

When Daisy first came home surprisingly she didn’t want anything to do with Lucky.  There was a bit of growling on Daisy’s part–a warning for the strange fluffy beast dog to stay away!  And Stella wanted nothing to do with Daisy!  But of course Daisy wanted to chase chase chase Stella–cat cat cat!  It took a few days but soon Daisy and Lucky were were horsing around.  And a few more days before Stella would tolerate Daisy.  And now no big issues between the three of them other than we can’t trust Daisy around Stella’s cat food … and sometimes her cat poop ….




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