World’s Greatest Mystery SOLVED!

Call me Sherlock PJ!  I’ve solved the world’s greatest mystery!

You know how some times when you do laundry one of you socks magically disappears?  Well, mystery solved!  Contrary to popular belief it’s NOT Cylon washing machines or Cylon dryers plotting against us.  It’s Daisy sneaking off into everybody’s house, apartment and laundromat and stealing socks!

Here she is poking her little imp face out from the laundry room.

laundry room imp

It’s supposed to be a cat door but Daisy says she fits so it’s a Daisy door too.  We tried to narrow it a bit with some thicker shims so only Stella could fit but that didn’t work too well … okay, it didn’t work whatsoever … so occasionally Daisy sneaks her imp self into the laundry room for nefarious purposes … sock thieving, kitty rocha snacks (Gawd, I really nope not), barking at kids to get off her porch, and other evil things that I cannot even imagine.



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